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Kulo Luna sinks a pirate whaling boat, then is chased by more whalers


OCEAN AWARENESS COMIC - The Cleaner Ocean Foundation is hoping to produce a graphic novel featuring a whale being chased by pirate whalers, and a climate friendly, zero carbon vessel that comes to the rescue. The zero carbon yacht is a real autonomous trimaran called the Elizabeth Swann.





GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - The United Nations' climate summits are known as COP = Conference Of the Parties. This is the 24th, meaning twenty-four years during which these global discussions have been unable to put in place a binding action plan to save us from global warming. In 2018 fifty high profile companies wrote to the UN calling for solid action to curb climate change. The 26th session of the UNFCCC was originally scheduled to take place from 9-19 November 2020, in Glasgow, UK. On 28 May 2020, the COP Bureau decided that it would take place from 1-12 November 2021, in Glasgow, UK





BRUSSELS 9 NOV 2017 MARINE LITTER LATEST: Claus Schultze from the DG MARE maritime innovation and marine knowledge & investment section of the European Union is seen here giving a passionate talk on marine litter to a packed house of some 247 delegates that, the present EMFF call was a pilot action and that it was up to the stakeholders represented by those in the audience, to provide feedback. In this speech it was acknowledged that desperately needed innovation "can only happen if we invest." The EU was taking this action in the hope of bridging the "financing gap," what he described as the "valley of death." The focus was on drivers and innovation. We could not agree with the speaker more and thank the EMFF for putting marine litter on their agenda. Our man in Brussels asked the question about Brexit and how that might affect any UK involvement as to project proposals. Three Horizon 2020 applications for funding SeaVax have been refused. What does that mean and are they serious about removing marine litter? Apparently not! It sounds like John Harrison and the Board of Longitude all over again.




Mister Ocean is an ocean awareness or conservation award and a supporting campaign where our experts may be booked to help spread the word about ocean pollution at your venue on a free basis. The award is for men who make significant local or international contributions to ocean conservation. Parallel awards for women are also awarded as Miss Ocean.




MISTER OCEAN - Is an award for men who care about our oceans and are helping to make a difference in the world of marine conservation. Terry Valeriano is the first point of contact if making a nomination.



Our goal is to encourage young men and women to dream more, care more and become more. Dive into our Ocean Awareness initiatives and help us to spread the news about toxin build up in our food chain and the menace that is plastic waste. At the same time help us to spread the news about climate change that is causing acid oceans.






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